Customer Onboarding Strategy

The Definitive Guide To Customer Onboarding

Access the learnings, strategy, tactics and practical know-how from a team that has spent the last decade crafting the ideal customer onboarding experience.

The Definitive Guide To Customer Onboarding

The team behind has spent the better part of the last decade thinking through customer success strategies, implementation KPI's, recruiting, building & training success organizations and, perhaps, most importantly, launching customers faster.

We’ve been fortunate enough to talk to thousands of companies, each with varying complexity in their onboarding processes. This ranges from having nothing in place to having every inch of the onboarding journey mapped out (with technology supporting each touchpoint, to boot). We crafted this customer onboarding guide to help you no matter the stage you’re in.

We know onboarding is one of the most pivotal moments in the client journey. This is the stage where trust is either forged or broken with the customer.They’ve agreed to spend money & invest time using your product or service, after all. Now they need reassurance that they haven’t made a mistake.

In many cases, “bad onboarding” is the leading cause of customer churn. The solution seems simple enough: just make your onboarding process better. How you accomplish this is an entirely different story. To truly understand what’s causing the negative experience on your customers' side, you need to understand it from their perspective.

Making your onboarding process better doesn’t necessarily mean making it better for your team. At least not immediately. First and foremost you have to focus on the customer's experience.

Once you understand where the breakdowns are occurring within that experience, you can start to correct those issues, while putting process in to help your onboarders. Making the process repeatable and predictable will end customer doubts from the start, setting up a foundation for a long, lasting relationship.

We’ll show you exactly how to do that in this ebook, all while providing you with some practical takeaways.

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