Everyone Sees What They Need To See

Onboard enables 360° visibility for all stakeholders. View tasks, due dates, assignments (and assignees) and the entire launch plan, in real time.

Visibility Drives Action


See every clients progress, in real time at a glance. Dive deeper to understand which tasks are ahead of schedule, behind or blocked.


Never update a customer status again. Our automated statuses give you real time insights into all of your clients. Take the guess work out of client work.


Give customers one-click access to their full launch plan - no login or password required.

Stay in Sync

Track each step in the implementation process from start to 'go-live'. Monitor timelines and achieve target launch dates to deliver value faster.

Keep Everyone Accountable

Transparency and visibility injects mutual accountability. Ensure everyone knows what they are required to do and when it needs to be completed to ensure a successful and timely launch. Oh and never worry about sending task reminders again, our automated reminders will nudge the project along.

Stay in the Loop

All parties can communicate easily via the threaded discussion (similar to live chat) and your team can manage those conversations directly from your slack instance.

Change the way you onboard customers forever

Everyone on the same page starts today.