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Organize and streamline your customer onboarding process so it's consistent and repeatable across your team.

Lower Days-to-Launch and Faster Time-to-Value

A Proven Framework

Onboard was built for Onboarders, by Onboarders. We've implemented and launched dozens of solutions across thousands of clients and learned a ton along the way.

On Task & On Time

Organized tasks with detailed, consistent instructions across your team allows for a repeatable and delightful customer onboarding, every time.

Organization is Efficiency

Organized, efficient teams launch more customers per month, and spend more time providing real value, not tedious administrative work.

Variable Paths

Variables determine which path your customers take during onboarding - providing a customized experience based on their unique attributes.

One List to Rule Them All

Organize and order all repeatable tasks (internal & external) in a single task repository. Include links, videos and relevant instructions in the task detail. Onboard will pull only the appropriate tasks for each customer.

Dynamic Launch Plans

Templates are rigid and hard to maintain for scale, that's why we created dynamic launch plans - called Maps. Easier to create, less to manage and built for scale.

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