Bring everyone together, with Onboard.

It's time for client implementations to be collaborative and visible from all sides. Let's modernize client implementations with transparency, visibility & accountability—so it can be on track & on time—just like the sales rep promised 😉
Client Implementations

One global task list to rule them all

Onboard provides the repository to list all repeatable tasks (internal AND external) and are appropriately pulled into client launch plans based on their unique requirements learned in the sales process. Yes, it can be pulled from your CRM automatically!

Visibility and transparency for all

No longer are the days where tasks are hidden and the path forward is only known by few. Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation for long-term customer relationships.
Client Implementations
Client Implementations

Simple collaboration

Collaboration is meant to stay in Onboard, enabling threaded discussions so questions, comments and updates are organized -- at the task level.

Organized and efficient

Leverage custom notifications (with merge tags) & spend less time with redundant tasks so you can focus energy on making customers successful!
Client Implementations
Client Implementations

On task & on time

Track every step in the implementation process from start to 'go-live'. Monitor timelines and achieve target launch dates to deliver value faster. On task & on time, every time.

Change the way you onboard customers forever

Everyone on the same page starts today.