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Announcing Customer Onboarding Software Built For Onboarding Teams

We're humbled and excited to announce Onboard Software's ( launch to the public. Our team has spent dozens of years (collectively) thinking through Customer Onboarding across a wide range of companies (from startups to Fortune 100) and industries.

Announcing Customer Onboarding Software Built For Onboarding Teams

We're super excited to announce that is now available for a public beta.

We've also announced our fundraising, as seen in TechCrunch. We are fortunate to have an amazing roster of investors, including Ludlow Ventures (Honey, Catalyst), Detroit Venture Partners (StockX) & Zelkova Ventures amongst other notable funds and angel investors.

Our team has collectively spent dozens of years thinking through and running Customer Success Departments and Onboarding Teams. We've Onboarded companies of all shapes and sizes (from startups to Fortune 100), throughout numerous industries and located across the globe. The single thread that ties all of these experiences together is the lack of technology solution made for us.

We're here to change that. is built specifically for the Customer Onboarding Specialists, their managers and the entire Customer Success department. Let's organize, automate & manage customer onboarding from contract to launch -- the way it should be.

Everyone on the same page, starts now.

We're excited to show you more.

The team at Onboard