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Onboard has changed the way we manage our Customer Onboarding process!

We love using Onboard. As soon as we set it up, we realized the value of getting organized, automating our processes and managing our onboarding specialists. Our client onboarding has never been better.

Robert Camarillo
Customer Experience Director, NoiseAware

The Best Onboarding Software!

Onboard.io clearly outlines all tasks needed to properly onboard a client. The easy-to-use interface is visually appealing and allows users to quickly identify tasks that prevent clients from completing the onboarding process..

John Nielsen
Manager of Customer Success, Hatch (YC)

Solves Onboarding Challenges!

The ability to engage internal teams and customers is huge for us. I love the team at Onboard! They're always willing to listen and also talk through scenarios to determine best path. They also understand the challenges onboarding teams face as they too have been in our shoes.

Angela Gard
Director of Customer Success, Boulevard

Hit the ground running! Fewer days-to-launch creates faster time-to-value

The faster clients can use your product, the happier they'll be. Onboard provides an elegant collaborative space for all stakeholders to view who, what, when & how.

However, all customers are different. That's why we replace inflexible templates with automatically-generated & customized launch plans, saving time for your team by automating a custom task-list for each client, allowing them to launch faster and start receiving value now.

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Gain visibility & efficiency with step-by-step checklists.

Let's stop asking: "Where are we in the onboarding process? " Ensure everybody's on the same page and nobody - including internal (your team) or external (their team) stakeholders - is in the dark.

Onboard allows you to organize, automate and streamline your onboarding process so it's consistent and repeatable. If you want to scale efficiently, you can't rebuild the wheel with every new customer.

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Save time & prove value with team collaboration via shared launch plans.

They engaged you to solve problems, right? Help them help themselves with real-time discussions, provide action-oriented insight, and deliver value with shared, dynamic launch plans.

Both teams view and work off the same checklist (no logins required!), measure progress in stages, ensure accountability at every level and stay organized with discussion threads that reduce back-and-forth and build trust through transparency & collaboration.

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Stop churn before it starts with a single source of truth.

One place to manage all onboarding tasks, accessed by all stakeholders via a simple Magic link. That's the vision. Bad onboarding is the #1 cause of churn. As onboarders ourselves, we hate churn.

That's why we created Onboard - to manage the onboarding process properly - repeatably organized, simple automation, and productive collaboration. The all in one, end-to-end solution that helps you manage process, team and customers.

Let's Onboard together. The way it should be.

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Integrates with your current tech stack

The future of customer onboarding is here. Join these forward-thinking organizations to put your customers in the best position for onboarding success!

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