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Goodbye Templates, Hello Maps

Customer onboarding isn't meant to be one-size-fits-all. Every customer is unique, it's time to say goodbye to your inflexible templates. Onboard’s software uses variable customer requirements to create dynamic launch plans (aka Maps), saving endless time & energy and providing a truly customized onboarding experience.

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Visibility, for All

Stakeholders, both from your team (internal), and your customers' team (external) work off the same dynamic launch plans: providing end-to-end visibility, accountability and keeping everyone on the same page. Never again ask your team, "Where is this customer in the onboarding process?"

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Repeatable Process Built for Scale

Much of the onboarding process is repetitive, enable your team to launch more clients faster, with less effort. Provide consistent, reliable service & maximize customer ROI by reducing time-to-value.

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Stop Churn Before it Starts

Bad implementation is the #1 cause of churn, for SMB-to-Enterprise solutions. Provide a streamlined, collaborative and intuitive process for your customers and eliminate expensive delays, abandoned accounts, and sub-par implementations that set clients up for failure.

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Powering Modern Onboarding Teams

The future of customer onboarding is here. Join these forward-thinking organizations to put your customers in the best position for onboarding success!

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