Onboard better & reduce customer churn.

Organize, automate & manage the client onboarding & implementation experience from handoff to launch. All with one, easy-to-use solution.
Trusted by modern success teams

Everyone on the same page, starting now.

Onboard provides visibility across all stakeholders: your team, your management, and most importantly, your customers -- this transparency creates accountability so your customers will launch on time.

Goodbye playbooks.

Playbooks and templates are the OLD WAY to create launch plans. Leverage Onboard's automated dynamic launch plans, determined from your CRM data.

Built for efficiency, at scale.

All customers are different. That's why Onboard replaces inflexible templates with automatically-generated & customized launch plans, saving your team time by automating a custom task-list for each client, enabling them to launch faster and start receiving time-to-value sooner.
See where each customer is during their onboarding.
Create dynamic launch plans with a couple clicks
Click into each Map to see where it is on-track, off-track or blocked.

Automate the tedious tasks.

You and your team should be spending time with clients, instead of sending email reminders, writing follow ups, and answering basic tickets. Onboard provides a platform to automate these tasks so your team can provide a better experience, every time.
Easily create custom workflows to further automate your onboarding flow
Configure quick actions so your team can save time and communicate fast
Use your own branding and voice with our easy-to-use email editor

Manage onboarding from slack.

Frustrated with delays? Changing timelines and launch dates? Visibility across internal and external stakeholders ensure everyone knows who needs to do what by when.
Receive daily and weekly digests, with all the information you need right in slack
Easily mark tasks complete from slack!
Notifications sent to the channel of your choice
Track & MANAGE

Onboarding software built for modern teams

Track the progress of your clients and their onboarding progress in a funnel. Easily see who is involved, where they stand and when they're scheduled to launch.

Onboard provides the platform for modern success teams to manage their client onboarding and implementation processes, and provides the framework & structure to effectively manage those teams -- while they are providing top-notch customer service.

Stress less (way less) with one platform to manage onboarding

Bring together everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate customer onboarding, from start to finish.

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The onboarding tool your customers will actually love (no joke)

Bring together everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate customer onboarding, from start to finish.


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We love using Onboard. As soon as we set it up, we realized the value of getting organized, automating our processes and managing our onboarding specialists.

Robert Camarillo

Onboard.io clearly outlines all tasks needed to properly onboard a client. The easy-to-use interface is visually appealing and allows users to quickly identify tasks that prevent clients from completing the onboarding process..

John Nielsen
Hatch (YC)

Onboard allows our team to provide a consistent onboarding experience and provides an amazing customer experience that translates to higher growth potential. With Onboard we are able to have easy and quick visibility into all our implementations which is helpful for resource planning purposes.

Cindy D.
VP, Customer Success

Each one of our partners goes through a rigorous implementation process that includes a significant number of steps, requires consistent communication, and has us exchanging many documents with partners. Onboard has helped us manage all of this with an easy-to-use platform that our partners have given us positive reviews on

Larry H
Assistant VP, Partner Success

The ability to engage internal teams and customers is huge for us. I love the team at Onboard! They're always willing to listen and also talk through scenarios to determine best path. They also understand the challenges onboarding teams face as they too have been in our shoes.

Angela Gard

You can really customize your customer's journey. No matter how many variables there may be between your customers, you can quickly have a whole onboarding flow built out that is tailored to each customers needs based on the factors that you decide!

Sam M
Onboarding Pro

Change the way you onboard customers forever

Everyone on the same page starts today.